First date stories and tips

The preparation for the first date, especially those from an online dating site is always an important and nervous thing. You actually put in a lot of efforts to look good. You practice some lines to impress your partner you met on a dating site

Dating is a beautiful feeling when you are in the right place and with the right person. When you find a woman online or man, dig deeper for proper information. This will make your date from an online dating service quite interesting. The more you know about your partner from the dating service, the better will be the date and the relationship. There are certain things to keep in mind while you are on your first date:

  1. Just be yourself for the benefit of both of you in the long run;
  2. Never overdress because you don’t want to look desperate in front of your future partner;
  3. Order what you want to eat to fill your stomach and not to act sophisticated in front of your partner from online dating;
  4. Pay for yourself – this is the 21st century or at least offer to pay. If the man insists, then you can leave but do not automatically expect that he will pay.

Here are some interesting stories about dating. They can help to figure out how to deal with some issues or enjoy the best night:

Melanie’s Brunch

She met her partner for brunch but she already knew him from before. She was not sure whether it was a date or a casual meet. Later on, the partner insisted on paying for her. She agreed but only if she could buy ice-cream later on as they went around the city of Brooklyn.

Caitilin’s Rigged School Raffle

It was a random school raffle where she was supposed to pick a person for a free Blizzard. She rigged it so that she could interact with her crush and she was asked for a date. He ordered a flavor which she didn’t like but being with her crush seemed like that best thing that happened.

Chantal’s Amnesia

She met the guy at a big party where she was down with drinks. They exchanged numbers and decided to go on the first date. The table was booked under his name but she did not remember the name. She reached the restaurant late and decided to look around to spot him. Later on, he dropped his name and this time till now she remembers it well.

Loz Who Didn’t Steal the Wallet

She was accused of stealing her current husband’s wallet after their first date. They both were quite drunk and after reaching home she saw 36 missed calls. After accusing her of stealing his wallet, turns out that the wallet was in the other pocket.

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