How to Find a Guy In 2019

Tired of being single and finally ready to begin a relationship? Well, the next step is to find a guy whom you can start a new relationship with. Yes, this part is not easy. It may require you going on so many dates, meeting people on dating sites and even being set up on blind dates by friends. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dating should be fun and enjoyable. It is an adventure.

Best Ways to Meet Single Men

So what’s the best way of finding a guy this year without wasting any time? Here are some options.

1. Dating service

If you don’t have so much time to go out on dates, then an online dating service is your best option. An online dating site gives you access to so many single men looking for women. Here you can meet other local singles are your own convenience. Take a shot at online dating, you might just find prince charming.

2. Ask your crush

If you are crushing on someone, it’s high time you tell him how you feel. Chances are high, especially if you have been flirting for some time. If he feels the same then it’s a win for you. If not, you can be proud of yourself that you were able to gather that kind of confidence to express your feelings to a guy.

3. Meet a stranger

Whether you are at a bookstore or retail shop, you can try to strike a conversation with a complete stranger. Ask him about what gift to buy, the best products, or what book to read. This might just be the best way to meet someone new.

4. Go out more

The truth is you can’t really meet single men if you stay indoors always except if you use a dating site. Options of places to go include:

  • Concerts,
  • Comedy shows,
  • Bars,
  • Dog parks,
  • House parties,
  • Retreats.

Here you are most likely to encounter single guys whom you can interact with.

5. Smile more

When you smile, you make it easier for people to approach you. Maybe there’s a guy who is attracted to you. But because your face is not so welcoming he might hesitate to ask you out. Try to smile more often, as it makes you both approachable and confident.

6. Wing women

If you have a hard time finding a guy to date then maybe you should use wing women. Make your friends your wing women so that they can help you find the perfect guy for you. After all, they know what you want more than anyone else. They can arrange for you to meet a guy from a dating site.

7. Singles mixer

Take advantage of a get together for singles. This would be a great opportunity for you to meet single men looking to find a woman. All you need to do is search for singles mixers near you. With cocktails and charming singles around you, you should be able to meet a guy.

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